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UnFair and UnBalanced UnNews Tuesday, November 30, 2021, 15:52:59 (UTC)

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11 September 2009

Hollywood, California - Jennifer Aniston, long known for her modesty, restraint and all around camera shyness, is said to be mortified at the release of nude pictures.

So much so that she has had her attorney send scare letters to news agencies and websites all over the globe in a vain attempt to squash the photos. Sadly, this has for the most part worked.

The photos are from an upcoming Grade B movie of her's, wherein there is a blurry nude scene of her increasingly floppy anatomy. It happens that the French being French, they kept copies and published them in "Choc", a well known smut magazine who's American counterpart is titled "Dirty over Thirty", and can be found in the better liquor stores and adult entertainment centers.

While most of the world's media have bowed down to pressure, we at UnNews are taking a more fearless stance, especially as these were not the first nude photos of Aniston. In fact, she has been doing such things for decades. Rather then show the old and ugly pictures, we are publishing here, for the first time, her original nude photo, and one that shows all.

We also pledge, that regardless of any scare letter, we are NOT going to take it down.

(Warning: Nude photo below, not intended for children under 18)

(Parental Advisory: Nude photo below, parental discretion is advised)

(Warning: Graphic full nudity photo below)

Allegedly camera shy Jennifer bares all in a photo taken decades ago.