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AHA! Poisoned hobos don't go quietly!

You are almost done with digging the whole when the hobo wakes up from his poison-induced nap.

"What in the hell?" he yells out. "I only pass out like that when someone tries to give me rat poisoning... What in the hell, kid?"

You just stand there, in utter shock.

"What? Didn't expect me to survive that? Well unfortunately for you, the 60's were a pretty crazy time. I experimented with a lot of things. Rat poison may, or may not, be on that list of things."

So, I hope we learned a good lesson today. Don't poison hobos. Hobos are nice people down on their luck. Hobos deserve just as much respect as every other person in this world. Except you. You are a dick. You deserve to die. And you do. Poisoned hobos with time spent in Vietnam don't go quietly. Never forget this.

You Are Dead