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Ah! A beautiful day in Seattle.

UnBooks:Choose Your Own Adventure:One Ordinary Day is brought to you by the makers of Crossfire[1] and Mr. Buckets.[2]

Ah, morning time. The smell of bacon and pancakes wafts up to your bedroom.

"Time to get up and go to school," you state happily.

You get up, bound to the door, and down the stairs to the kitchen.

"Oh, good. You're up, pumpkin," your mom states sweetly as she heads over to the counter and blows out the breakfast-scented candle. "Come on now, and eat your gruel."

"Awww, Ma!" you complain.

"SHADDUP," mom screams at you, with an angry, contorted face. "You ungrateful piece of garbage..."

Her sudden change startles you, but her face quickly changes back into the smile that you know and love.

"Now get out of here scamp. You don't want to be late for school," she says, kissing you on your forehead.

You run out and whiff the sweet smell that is Seattle, Washington.

"Boy-oh-boy," you say joyfully. "What a beautiful day! It's only barely raining! It would be a great day to walk to school."

Just then you see your school bus come around the corner. It seems to be running a little late as it is. Walking would be great, but can you be sure you will arrive at school on time? You wouldn't want to upset mom, would you? This is terrible. Your first decision, and its only 7:15. Your day sure better not be full of these decision things.[3] Well, what do you do?

Choose to walk to school? Choose to ride the bus?

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