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They were totally unimpressed.

Though it does seem nice, you remember at the last minute that walking is for hippies and hobos. You confidently stroll onto the bus, half-expecting cheering from the rest of the riders for your successful first decision of the day, but none are forthcoming. Half the kids seem too asleep or suicidal to even notice you got on.

As you walk past the bus driver, the scent of cheap booze catches your attention. The driver seems intoxicated, with a half dozen empty liquor bottles on the floor. You know, in your heart of hearts, that drunk driving is wrong, and should be stopped. But this bus is now your only means to get to school, and the last thing you want to do is miss class.[1] So it seems you have two options. Just sit back and let fate take it's course, or give fate a swift, heavy kick to the balls that it won't soon forget, dispose of the bus driver, and get the bus to school yourself? What is your decision?

Get behind the line, kid. Get MADD!
  1. Yeah, you're THAT kid. Sucks, huh?