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"Sir, I don't think you should be driving right now," you tell the half-asleep man.

"Yeh, and I don't think you s-s-should be so stUPID," he spits back at you, trying to push you to the back of the bus.

"Sir, this is my last warning. Remove yourself from your post!" you scream in your least-authoritative voice. He doesn't seem to give your threat much water, and slams the bus doors closed.

"I warned you," you state angrily.


You yell as you punch the bus driver continually in the face. He is quickly incapacitated.

"Looks like this is your final stop," you say to him, as you roll his body off the bus, and onto the curb. You then get back on the bus, and begin your trip to school. The few kids that aren't sleeping, and actually care about their lives seem a little worried, but you talk to them about your experience driving semi's for your uncle rental service, and they seem to relax. At least you got rid of that drunk from before, they think.

Unfortunately for everyone involved in this tepid affair, you made up that entire story. You don't even remember if you have a father, let alone if any uncles have ever existed. But you don't care. You stopped a drunk driver, you did your good deed for the day. But before long you lose control of the vehicle. It is rather large, and you can barely even see out the windshield, let alone stop yourself from going 60.[1] You soon find yourself driving straight for the local orphanage/oil refinement center. You try to turn the bus out of the way, but all you manage to do is roll it over 5 or 6 times before you reach the orphanage building/gas tank storage center. Everything is blown to smithereens, but luckily for you, your exact placement on the bus caused you to be thrown from the bus on impact. You sail about 20 feet away, only receiving 4th degree burns from the flames instead of a fiery death. So....congratulations?

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  1. That's MPH. That would be equal to something like 1800 KM/H.