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Are you?

You wake up in the hospital a few hours later. You can see that you are horribly burned, but you feel no pain. You immediately conclude that you have secretly been a superhero this whole time, to feel nothing. Just then, the doctor walks in.

"Hi kid. I see you're awake. I want you to stay calm now, but there are some things that I would like to tell you. First, your burns are quite severe. I know you probably can't feel the pain, but that is just because your nerves were all burned to the point where they no longer send pain signals to your brain. So at least that's good news, eh?"

You seem to be liking this doctor less and less as he goes on. You never have been a fan of Canadians.

"But, it seems that the President was visiting Seattle today," he continues, "to pardon the people of the city for murdering Clay Bennett and Howard Schultz. He heard the explosion at the oil refinery today, and after changing his pants, heard there was a survivor and wants to come talk to you for a photo op....*cough*.... I mean, he wants to come check on you. To see how you are doing following that tragic accident that we are all 100% sure you had no hand in."

The doctor leaves and you have but minutes to collect your thoughts before The President of the United States enters your room to say hello.

"Hi kid, hope you aren't too hurt. Now the nice lady here will be taking a few photos of us. Try to look as in-pain as possible please, thanks," he says to you.

You do your best to muster a grimace, but you just end up smiling. The President is none-too-pleased, and is about to leave when, suddenly,

Ninjas Kidnap the President!!!

They break through the window, capture him, and jump back out of the window into their waiting helicopter. The photographer is frozen with fear. I guess it's up to you to do something to save him. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the president?

Jump in After them! Just throw a grenade.