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He might have looked just like this.

Mustering up the last bit of strength you have, you get out of your bed, unplug all of your monitors, and jump right out of the window after them. You catch yourself on the edge of the chopper, pulling yourself up into the bay. The Ninjas have taped The President's mouth, and are now talking to each other in their weird, Ninja language. No one seems to have seen you get on. You realize, from all of your efforts to get in, that you are really not in any condition to be saving presidents today. Still, you have to do something.

You hide in the corner near some baggage and wait for your moment. One of the ninjas steps over to the edge to look down at the scenery passing below. You use this opportunity to sneak behind him, and scream as loud as you can in his ear. The ninja jumps, and looses his footing, falling down to the streets below. Your scream also had an effect on the other 3 ninjas as well. They all became aware of your presence, and two come racing towards you immediately. They both lunge towards you, but you are able to jump to the side just in time. Both are only able to grab air, and fly right off the chopper.

With only one ninja left, you feel your chances of winning have increased. That is, until you realize that the remaining ninja is, in fact, an end boss. He takes a throwing star out of his belt, and hurls it in your direction. You duck just in time. The star flies past your head, and hits the pilot right in the back of the neck, incapacitating him. Suddenly, the chopper goes into a tailspin, flipping and twisting as it plummets to the ground. The final ninja seems to have a better footing in the falling aircraft than you do, and runs off the walls towards you. He trips when the chopper spins around, you are able to jump on top of him. You punch him a few times before the craft flips upside down again, leaving your adversary on top of you. He hits your burned skin once, but you thankfully can't feel a thing. Realizing the positioning of the chopper and the doors, you daftly flip the ninja off of your legs, and over your head. He slides toward the open door, clawing and grabbing at the floor, but to no avail. He slides right out of the door, and into the spinning blades of the still-running, upside down helicopter.

You are pleased with yourself, and go to free The President before you all crash. You look over to where he had been, but he has gone. As the aircraft flips back to right-side up, you see he has taken the copter's only parachute. He winks and gives you the thumbs up just before jumping out.

For the next few months, the world is entranced by the story of how the president singlehandedly defeated his captors, and heroically jumped out of the plane. Only your doctors seem to wonder whatever happened to the boy that The President was visiting when he got kidnapped. And they don't really care that much either.

You Are Dead.