US Invasion of Iraq 2003

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The US Invasion of Iraq that happened during 2003 was an extension of the War on Terra. The attack was intiated because it was rumored that Saddam Hussein was harboring ocean ecosystems, which US President George Bush deemed dangerous to the United States. He later admitted that a film called three kings led him to believe Iraq and Saddam had gold, in this film, george w clooney, mark walnut and an insignificant ice cube steal gold from Saddam. Bush forgot that at the end of the film a tribe called quoo-ate smuggle it across the border.

Prelude to Invasion, March 2002[edit]

In Saudi Arabia, King Fart of the House of Sand invited American ambassadors, their slaves, and pet monkeys to the Royal Palace to discuss the WMDs being developed in Iraq. He said that Saddam Hussein must be defeated to prevent lesser evil.

Planning and development for new weapons systems, such as exploding pigs, which George Bush drew inspiration from after playing 1 minute of Rome: Total War, but the developers of Rome: Total Realism got rid of the exploding pigs, which prompted Bush to ban the modification altogether in favor of only one version of the game. The Senate voted 0-100 in the measure to ban all game mods, since the Senate's members didn't really care about game mods anyway, so they randomly voted.

Invasion, 2003[edit]

US warplanes dropped bird droppings and dirt in Baghdad, which caused the extreme fear of dirt and bird droppings, which caused everyone to stay at home while the Iraqi Army was challenged to a paintball tournament (which is Iraq's national sport) hosted by the United States. Thirty elite US Marines were pitted against 30 of Saddam's elite Republican Guard. Whoever won will have control of Iraq. The Republican Guard lost, Saddam was removed from power was forced to lurk in a hole in Tirkrit for several months because he was crying so hard before being found and arrested for the development of ocean ecosystems in Iraq.


A new government was formed, in part by the US, while Baghdad and other parts of Iraq was under attack by suicide bombers strapping packs of bird droppings and dirt and then blowing them up with small ammounts of gunpowder, which roused the fears within the capital of being caught in the open and being splattered with bird droppings and dirt, which were hard to get rid of. Over 10,000 such bombers have been arrested by the Iraqi police for possession of bird droppings and dirt. Thus, the insurgents turned to challenging the American Army to paintball tournaments in hopes of humiliating the Americans and proving to the Iraqi people that the new government and the American occupiers that they were mediorce at paintball, a national sport.


]] Peace has still not fully come to Iraq just yet. Saddam Hussein stands trial, and after a lengthy prosecution, Saddam Hussein was found guilty and sentenced to 50 years of serving Dubya as a personal servant in Washington and abroad (where he has to lick peanut butter off anywhere. Anywhere). Meanwhile, in the rest of the country, peace ensues, and Iraq is led into a properous age after the element rubicon, (which is ideal for making paintballs due to their rather sticky composition), is found. Paintball become increasingly popular across the world, with organized matches between nations.

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