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Steele as a teenager

Type O Negative is a group of pink bunnies from Brooklyn, New York. The band is well known for their moist, cuddly-cutesy sense of humour and their often slow and romantic music. The band rose from the ashes of the bands HIV Positive and Carnivore (which two of the bunny members were in with a fox, who ate their singer, prompting the two bunny members to leave for Type O.) and gained popularity — especially with a female audience — with their songs "Black No. 1, Looks Like A Love Gun" and "Christian Woman, Lets Sin Together" from the Bloody Good Kisses album.


Carnivore spent much of the mid-eighties flirting with concert goers at various venues in and around the East Coast, including the legendary CBGB’s on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The band’s lyrics were soft and very loved-up, dealing with sex, love, cuddles, and marriage - topics most bands would not dare cover. They sounded like a cross between a packet of Malteasers and the beating of the heart of Romeo and Juliet; alluring speed metal grooves mixed in with soft-core break downs and massive Cliff Richard-esk sing-alongs.

Following their second album, “Retaliation Against Hate”, Carnivore had a break, as Pete Steele (their singer, and cutest member) decided to pursue a noble and beautiful job at New York City Department of Parks. In 1989, after two years of beautifying hedges Edward Scissorhands style in Prospect Park, he was forced out of retirement by long time boyfriend, Sally Abruscato, Type O Negative’s original drummer. Now Type O Negative. they released a demo which caught the ear of Roadrunner Records - the premiere label for love and sex rock bands in the late eighties/early nineties. Type O Negative signed a five album record deal, and in 1991, released their debut, Slow, Deep & Hard.

Slow, Deep & Hard[edit]

Never has an album title so aptly described the lyrics to be found therein. Slow Deep & Hard was just that; full of sexually explicit lyrics delivered under a veil of soft cute pop melodies and romantic rythmns. The lead guitar lines 'kissing the bass cuddles like two impossibly large furry animals hugging' as it was described by the Washington Post. Their first tour also landed the band into a lot of trouble, especially in Europe, where political leaders labeled them Nazis and Hitler sympathizers after one member performed a sexual act on a Hitler doll in a dramamtic love scene on stage. It all came from Steele saying the band were 'sexier than the The Beatles' spoofing John Lennon's misquoted 'bigger than Jesus' quote.

Origin of the Faces[edit]

This LP was entirely written about the famous band The Faces that the band were sexually and emotionally in love with (they often masterbated to Faces posters onstage). It was recorded live at Brighton Beach although the band re-did much of it as the crowd heckled them, wanting more metal style hate music (as that is what the band were accidentally advertised as).

Bloody Good Kisses[edit]

Upon its release mid 1993, critics and fans alike were left flabbergasted: The cuddly love-ins and smart sexy lyrics from the first album was all but gone, the band instead making their sound more to the point about the trials and tribulations of their gay relationships. The Beatles proved to be an accurate reference point, as they incorporated the psychedelic fur cuts and clothing styles of the legendary sixties rockers mid-period work. Combined with the constant orgasmic sounds of their bass player as he recorded while being bummed they single handedly revived animal sex in music!

October Lust[edit]

Continuing after pressure from their record company they went on to produce an album that would define their career. Quoted as "Picking up where Bloody Good Kisses left off, the album explored themes of sex and sensuality in even more meticulous detail, leaving the listener in a state of perpetual sonic orgasm." The album contained songs such as “Love You to Death”, “Be My Daffodill”, “Green (with envy of your new love) Man”, “Die With Me My Love”, and “Haunted By Our Sex” all combined sex, rock, sweaty love, new wave, and industrial sex toys, mixed with huggy rich and beautiful harmonies, as if the Beatles were recording “Abbey Road” in a brothel.

Worlds Cumming Down[edit]

After another successful world tour, Steele's family members continually seemed to have affairs which dragged his obtuse obsession with sex into a new dark place. This epoch of sexual loathing would eventually manifest itself in the next album, entitled “World Cumming Down”, which was released in 1999. Trailing trough his painful recent history the cuddly joyousness of previous albums was replaced by a more sensible, 'i love you as a friend' melody vibe, with lyrics that spoke of sexual disgust in even more explicit terms than before. Dispite the turn around on the bands views to sex, songs such as “Everyone I Love is Screwing Around”, “Everything Lies”, “World Cumming Down”, and “All Hallows Eve, She Cheated On My Dad” led the albums message of hurtful truth to debut at #39 on the Billboard 200 charts, a monumental achievement for the band.

The Worst Grease Of[edit]

The bands best of was released in 2000 detailing what they described as 'the most orgasmic tunes we could find in our back catalogue'. Although featuring many songs from their previous LPs it also featured a number of unreleased re-mixes such as their cross album medley "Everyone I Love Is Screwing My Ex-Girlfriend's Girlfriend". There are also some unreleased numbers from the 'World Cumming Down' period (Stay Out of My Sex Dreams, Orgasms, It's Never Enough). You can also find a version of their cover of 'Wannabe', by The Spice Girls.

Sex Is Killing Me[edit]

By 2003 lead singer Steele had been diagnosed with 'the aids', a super form of normal aids that kills within a month, after years of sexual overendugence. Songs such as Todd's Ship Ghosts (it was a man called Todd he got the aids from), We Were Electrocute(The Vibrator Song), and I Don't Wanna See Me (by this time Steele had gained much weight and was not his normal sexy self), are all stand out tracks on this record, conveying classic Type O elements from before Steele's family sex spree. One famous quote from Wikipedia telling "Type O Negative show they still haven't lost their sense of humour, largely absent on the last record, with 'Angry Inch' (a cover from Hedwig and the Angry Inch) detailing a sex change operation gone terribly wrong."

Original title of this album was "My Wife is Killing Me".

Head Again[edit]

Their latest offering sees a new Catholic spin on the Type O sound, including Incense and a chorus of humming monks and squealing choirboys on the albums centerpeice epic, entitled These Three Things (Stuffed In Her Arse). the song itself deals with issues from a christian point of view, including abortion, the war in iraq and anal fisting. another highlight on the album is the 46 minute opus An Ode To Transvestites, which shows a more commercial side obviosuly aimed at the ever-increasing-but-by-no-means-over-saturated-(god-forbid) Emo scene.

In a recent interview Steele has admitted to discovering the joys of Sheep and the Welsh Countryside, and hence wrote the song Hail And Farewell To The Sheepdip to express his new hobby.


Steele's destiny in metal was obvious even at the age of 2.
  • Pete Steele – Lead vocals, bass guitar, guitar, Chin, Death, and keyboards and vibrator solos
  • Josh Sliver – Keyboards, synth effects, programming, backing vocals, ring barking
  • Kenneth Hickey – Lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals, female sex expert
  • Johnathan Kelly – Drums, percussion, backing vocals, anal fodder (1994–)

Former Member

  • Sally Abruscato – Drums, percussion, backing vocals, dickhead (1991–1993)


  • 1991 Slow, Deep and Hard
  • 1992 The Origin of the Faces (faux live)
  • 1993 Bloody Good Kisses US #166 {RIAA certificate: Platinum), GER #60
  • 1996 October Lust US #42 (RIAA certificate: Gold), GER #5
  • 1999 World Cumming Down US #39, GER #3
  • 2000 Least Worst Of (Retrospective)US #99, GER #50
  • 2003 Sex is Killing Me US #39, GER #9,
  • 2007 Head Again US #665 GER #667

And Neil Young...[edit]

Totally wants to kill them for their version of Cinnamon Girl. There's a part with a G power chord, which is supposed to be a G minor 7. Neil doesn't like that. The members of Type O Negative don't care. Neil Young's from Canada.