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Tough chips are a form of Regular Chips. They are extremely tough and only given out when someone become soooo tough that they must be handed out tough chips. Created by Kyle Betrand (or Dubzz as most of his religious worshipers called him) in 581 B.C. It is said by ancient philosophers that Dubz stood on a Mountain and proclaimed to his people " I have Chips, alotta chips...SOOO many that im friggin tough, and now i got tough you sittin?"

How Do I Get Tough Chips?[edit]

To obtain tough chips you must get really tough, have a high friend count, have a extremely high normal chip count, this has become a difficult feat for most considering tough chips are such a rare species these days. Another way to get tough chips is to scream CHIPS?!? down a hallway or into a random persons ear until they become so annoyed that they want to shove a hot soldering iron up your ass. You can also just try to be tough, for example if your camping and a bear walks into your campsite, you could wrestle Smokie until you die, because you have no chance of wrestling a bear and surviving. Another example could be if your teacher tells you to do your work, just say "no, but do you got chips" then refer to he or she's last name by putting chips into it, ex. MacBride= MacChips, it is a simple equation...your tough chip count will rise like you wouldn't believe after this. It is said by ancient Chinese monks that the great Dubz obtained his tough chips by running red lights, turning left on red, getting fired from work...several times, egging peoples houses, being the toughest kid in section 5,playing for school basketball team cause your sooo tough, pranking everyone in his cell phone, making daily calls to 411 asking them if they know the number to the store "tough chips", "tough friends", or "tough tits", and annoying the shit out of any stranger he has ever come into contact if you did any of those you'd be sittin rill good, adding chips and friends to your counts. Recently, tough chips were introduced to a suburban school in New York, but were swiftly rejected by the inhabitants as "too tough to handle" and have been banned as cruel and unusual use of chips.

Famous People with alotta Tough Chips[edit]

  • Jimbo Wales: Obviously the creator of tough chips is gonna have tough chips, dumbass.
  • John Daker: World renowned weirdo who doesn't know the words to any song created within this universe, but still has alotta chips. (search ebaumsworld for more info)
  • 50 CENT: Has about 50 tough chips, 50 once was quoted saying "i got alotta tough chips mo'fucker...bout 50 to be that alotta chips" he was then shot immediately after this which reduced his tough chip count to nothing.
  • Mrs. MacChips: A physics teacher with a whole lotta chips, considering chips is in her last name. Mrs.MacChips spends her days counting her chips (especially the tough ones) while teaching physics and working on her scientific theory: Chips in the Universe. Which is basically the search for a chemical formula to develop chips, tough chips, and friends. She has wasted most of her life doing this while trying to bring Einstein's dead body back to life.
  • Nate Aisen Has many tough chips, Nate is gettin mad ladiezzz therefore his tough chip count will equal the number of ladiezzz he has. Most scientist and historians estimate his ladiezzz count to be around 1,349, which is a high number for these times.