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T3H molecule.

T3H, T3H, or toxic-trihydride, is a potent nerve toxin. In amounts greater than 15 parts-per-billion, T3H can cause long term damage to the human brain, specifically the angular gyrus, an area used for symbol comprehension. In most cases, this causes symptoms similar to dyslexia. The victim is unable to distinguish between a symbol's position in written speech, and often will confuse one symbol for another similar looking one.


T3H was first engineered during the American Civil War by military scientists in order to combat the Japanese threat. It was thought that this toxin would be particularly potent against a people with such a highly symbolic language, and would collapse their entire war effort. After the Japanese surrendered just two months later, the project's funding was cut and it was abandoned without T3H having ever been deployed. Decades later, during the Cold War, several samples of T3H were captured by Soviet spies, and brought back to the USSR's capital in Canada where the toxin was mass produced and stockpiled as a potential WMD.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, much of the T3H reserves went missing, and are generally thought to have been stolen by Australian terrorists, who proceeded to poison the water supply of many Western countries. Fortunately, they had not acquired nearly enough T3H to affect a population of this size, and it merely remained in the environment without causing symptoms, and remains in the environment to this day.

However, just a few short years later during the rise of the Internet Age, many Westerners began to spend more time indoors, receiving little exposure to the Sun. This caused a shortage of the production of many useful chemicals that the body synthesizes from sunlight, including those needed to help protect a person from the effects of T3H. New cases of T3H poisoning sprang up almost immediately, nearly wiping out the entire internet population, and causing widespread panic. Eventually, most people acclimated to the toxin, and showed only minor symptoms.

Currently, T3H poisoning is still a relatively frequent occurance, but recent evidence shows that nearly all symptoms can be avoided by merely getting outside once in awhile.

Reversing the Effects of T3H poisoning[edit]

Sadly, The full effects of T3H exposure cannot be reversed. The best course of action is usually to simply try to hide the symptoms.

Hiding the Effects of T3H poisoning[edit]

Whilst there is no real cure for T3H poisoning the effects can be obscured in order avoid being labeled a retard. Some of more helpful methods are thus described, or described thus:

  • Using a dictionary. Either refer to the ever growing undictionary or copy and paste text into microsoft word before posting.
  • Using your eyeballs. When typing very fast it is often overlooked for one to utilise ones eyeballs to scan text for errors - although this process can become quite hard with severe T3H poisoning.
  • Try to misspell simple words. As one tries to actively misspell words, due to the T3H poisoning you may inadvertently sp3ll th wr0d korrect1y. However this is often not very reliable.

With these simple three points one can hide from the scathing flames of others. If ever you need additional help, one must only ask.

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