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This boy show us how to use Snuff.

Snuff (also known as price, prell, dirt and shit) is a kind of tobacco.

This rare form of tobacco is mainly sold and consumed in the scandinavian countries of Norway and Sweden. There are many stories regarding where the snuff first was developed. Do your research .

How to use it and flavors[edit]

Many different snuff boxes.

For maximum effect, the Snuff has to be put between your upper lip and your gum. You need to have it there from several minutes to an hour. Of course, you can choose where to put it. Some people say that if you use it for more than five hours,It comes in different flavors like tobacco, strawberry, coffee, cheese, vanilla, coca-cola, tobacco, banana and tobacco. New flavors are discovered all the time. An inside man in the company Skrufsnuff saying that they're trying to make a snuff with BBQ flavor. There are many different snuff companies such as Skrufsnuff, General, Sauerkraut, Hardsnuff, Göteborg Rape, Tre Ankor etc.

Loose snuff/Baking snuff[edit]

Make it yourself snuff.

There are two different types of snuff. First we have the loose snuff/baking snuff (make-it-yourself snuff). This snuff smells like cowshit and comes in boxes which weigh about 50 p. To use it you have to take some snuff out of the box and try to form it into a barrel. You do so by trying to squeeze the snuff together with your hands. This barrel should not be less than 6 inches wide and 10 inches long. If your lip's not bigger than an average sized car, you're a pussy.



The second type of snuff is portion snuff (often called diapersnuff). It's called so because the snuff comes in small teabags which can be confused with small diapers. This type of snuff is often used by girls. People who use this type of snuff is scared to get their hands dirty when they make the original make-it-yourself snuff.


  • No danger to your health except mouth-cancer, teeth falling out and a rotten gum.
  • In Norway 900 000 people, 60 000 sami, 450 000 moose, 392 000 illegal immigrants and 2000 polar bears use snuff daily. A few use snuff only at parties (this is called partysnuffing).
  • More women than men use snuff.
  • Swedens main export to Norway is snuff, Moomins (primarily exported from Finland) and immigrants.
  • Snuff is sometimes used in beer to get an unusual flavor.
  • Winnie the Pooh claims that he has used snuff twice.
  • Bruce Willis and Saddam Hussein are some of the familiar faces who use snuff on a daily basis.
  • Even though snuff is illegal in Chinaland, smuggling of this tobacco is one of Chinalands biggest issues.
  • Winston Churchill said once; "Ten snuffs a day, is better than one cigar in a lifetime".
  • Grab some snuff and watch a snuff video, the effects are pretty unique.
  • The act of inserting snuff into the rectal opening is a popular activity in gay circles.
  • Snuff can result in growth of a second head.