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A Secretariacy in action!

A Secretariacy is a system of government similar to Democracy, except with more Secrets and less Demons.

Creation of Secretariacy[edit]

Many systems of government have been around for a thousand years or more. Dictatorships, Republics, Idiocies, and Monarchies have brought our world from the brink of destruction into an age of peace and prosperity, and back to the brink of destruction. While these systems have functioned well for many hundreds of years, in the last few a new type of government has emerged.

First started by a winner of the Kentucky Derby, a Secretariacy is designed to avoid the problems which have plagued these other systems of government. Based around secrecy and having someone else do your work for you, a Secretariacy has many benefits over these other forms of government.

The Benefits of a Secretariacy[edit]

As can be seen in the table below (compiled by my secretary) the benefits of a Secretariacy are great indeed:

Monarchy Democracy Republic Secretariacy
Someone else does the work Yes No No Yes
You'd like to have sex with them No No No Yes
After you're done golfing No No No Yes

Secretariacies in use Today[edit]

A most noted organisation, Uncyclopedia is a Secretariacy. For such an organisation dedicated to quality and commitment, this form of government works well. Founded on the principle of "eh, someone else will do it", Uncyclopedia quickly converted from a Monarchy into a Secretariacy. The legions of secretaries have continued to grow, and to date, Uncyclopedia is one of the most successful Secretariacies in the world.

Power Structure in a Secretariacy[edit]

Secretariacies have differing power structures, but all share a similar, pyramidal shape. Unique to the Secretariacy, the bottom-most position is dedicated to keeping the power structure shaped like a pyramid. As an example, observe the Uncyclopedia Power Structure:


Power Structure:

Uncyclopedia is a Secretariacy,
and is kept running by these individuals:

The Secretary
The Undersecretary
The Secretary of the Undersecretary
The Secretary in Charge of Secretarian Affairs
The Secretary to the Secretary in Charge of Secretarian Affairs
The Committee in Charge of Making Sure that the Uncyclopedia Power Structure Template resembles a pyramid