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Savepeopleidontevenknowitis is a very serious condition. Many game heroes have come under the influence of this disease.


The disease itself makes the victim insanely worried about the good will of everyone around him, even if he has no clue who they are. He will willingly take up arms against evil forces beyond his control, or even do the occasional cross-country errand to get a few healing potions. He will also go to great lengths for useless items that he would consider important because they look shiny.


  • Going around for hours just because some kid lost some object, in a city.
  • Gathering loads of seemingly useless items, and garbage to give to some random dude who claims he needs them for some great new experiment or event.
  • Fighting hordes upon hordes of villains with bad manners and grammar and beasts with more teeth then fundamentalist Christians have apprehensions just to get a useless family heirloom back for a brat who won't even be able to appreciate it, let alone use its awesome dormant power.
  • Dropping everything to save some nonsensical pet from some kind of non-imminent doom that they could probably easily walk out of the way from, or simply dodge.
  • Ignoring the fact that you're repeatedly being wounded and nearly mangled by monsters just to help some old lady get some worthless herb.
  • They always seemed to care more about some hurt animal then the unbelievably hot female in their party. This can also be a symptom of the gay.
  • They do something incredibly stupid to get a cure for some kind of poisoning or disease, and totally ignore the fac they have about 99 "Antidotes" or "Hi-Potions" in their inventory.
  • They talk to the same person more then once, any more then once should be reserved only for those that are offering large rewards.
  • Care nothing about the rewards in the above symptom.
  • Insomnia
  • Schizophrenia
  • Wile Bowels

Notable Victims[edit]

This disease can affect anyone, not just heroes, though they are most prone to this terrible, affliction. Noteworthy infectees include:

Breakthroughs in Treatment[edit]

This disease is a very serious subject, some cases have even gone so far as to having the victim spend two hours trying to save someone because they can't jump 2 inches. Scientists are on the verge of a cure for this disease, creating a pill called "Idontgiveadamn" however they still need help. The pill utilizes doses of pure testosterone and the secretions of Grues and Chuck Norris. Since neither of these compounds cannot be so easily, or safely obtained, and because they have been unable to be created synthetically, many setbacks in the creation of the pill have occurred.

Some people have suggested the use of Steve Irwin's DNA for treatment, and while this cures the savepeopleidontevenknowitis, it induces animalconservationism, an equally annoying, and debilitating illness. Therefore manufacture of the pill using that formula has since been abandoned.

To this date there has been discovered only one type of cure, if only temporary, for this dreadful disease, a severe, ravaging beating. So , if you see someone with Savepeopleidontevenknowitis, we ask that you proceed to beat the daylights out of them until they stop. Beating them can be done any number of ways, the best way though is to hit them repeatedly with a sword, gun, or club. Though this may seem fatal or dangerous, simply using one of those potions, or revives on their body that they found for the old man in some hilltop that's not even that sick, should do the trick in curing them.

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