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“I hate Commie Pinkoes, but I respect them.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Red Falcon

“In Soviet Russia, your planet destroys Red Falcon YOU!!”

~ Russian reversal on Red Falcon

Red Falcon, protector of the Proletariat

Red Falcon, illustrious leader of the people, rose to power in the early 1930's as the creator of modern communism, a plan he called The New Deal. Spreading the doctrines of socialism with a tender yet firm hand, he was the main destructor of the Bourgeoise during The War On Imperialism. Using the courageous FalCong to attack the hamfisted, stumbling borders of capitalism, Red Falcon is one of the greatest communist leaders the world has ever seen.

The War On Imperialism[edit]

Using the advanced war tactics of sending troops continuously to the left to counteract capitalists march towards the far, FAR right, Red Falcon's troops were considered the elite of the elite of the elitest socialist warriors. These enlightened foes gladly sacrificed their lives in often vain attempts to run into the capitalist pigs that threatened world freedom. Red Falcon's ideas of using legions of willing warriors, giant mutant turtles, and heavy metal music to defeat the Huns of "democracy" are still used today, as seen under the Kim Jong Il administration.

The Death of Red Falcon[edit]

Red Falcon preparing to crush the capitalist hordes

Our Sentinel fell, finally, after many a stalwart battle, to capitalist parasites that invaded his very bowels to attack his heart, made of pure Courage and yet not strong enough to turn back the march of fascism. Weep for him, oh People, and yet take heart, for the barbarian hordes shall be turned back at the gates, we shall march on victorious, and all shall know the true love of Big Brother! Neo City will be ours! Neo City will be ours! NEO CITY WILL BE OURS!

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