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Procrastination is a form of human behavior in which an individual displays a deferment or avoidance of an action or task to a later time. Those who procrastinate may often experience

Article to be written later.

Update: Maybe tomorrow.

July 15, 2005: Thinking about doing some work on the article. OMG! Reno 911! is on! BRB.

August 9, 2005: Not a good day. Bad start to the article already. Going back to bed.

September 24, 2005: Procrastination is... is... aw, screw it... too much typing.

January 1, 2006: People like to procrastinate. It is fun. Procrastination is a really, really long word. Hard to spell. Pokra... prok... oh never mind.

January 10, 2006: I have a plan to stop procrastinating but have not enacted it yet.

January 21, 2006: Not on the front page anymore, so I'll get back to this later.

January 9, 2007: Tomorrow I'll sort up this page, clean all the crap and write a beautiful and informative article about procrastination. Today I'm busy enough coming up with an excuse for not doing it tomorrow.

May 10, 2007: I'm going to be busy with outside stuff, you know, laying in the grass.

July 21, 2007: You know. Maybe if I leave it alone, it will go away.

July 21, 2013:I could work on it but its been 5 years...people can wait...I need to sleep for a few more centuries.

February 30th, 2035: The difficulties of having my house surrounded by water after the rest of the icecaps melted a few weeks ago has prevented me from adding anything constructive to the article. That, and there has been a Simpsons marathon on TV.

January 21, 2100: I could work on this article, but considering that the Miley Cyrusian Emperor 'Lord Wreckingus Ballus', has banned work, I think its kind of useless, without work there's no procrastination. Wait! Maybe it will be useful for those who enjoy reading history! Ok so procrastination wants popcorn?