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Phase Two's England operating base

“The slightly disappointing sequel to Phase I.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Phase II

“Now the group ya hear is called phase two and let me tell ya somethin', we're a helluva crew.”

~ Sugar Hill Gang on Phase II

Phase Two is allegedly a highly classified organisation that is believed by many to operate in almost every single region of the world. Although few details are known about Phase Two, several sources have indicated that it has strong ties with all of the world's governments, and is in fact able to directly control certain figures. According to one particular source, Phase Two's tactful penetration of specific governments gives it almost total control of the world.


Just like UFO phenomena, the existence of Phase Two is considered impossible to verify due to the apparent nature of the organisation. As such, Phase Two being a real entity cannot be taken as fact, nor can it be dismissed as fiction. Once again drawing parallels to UFO phenomena, thousands of people around the world subscribe to the belief that the organisation exists, and a great number of potentially hoaxed photographs have been sent to the media throughout the years.

Phase Two's England operating base


A great number of sources have indicated that Phase Two is indeed the official name of the organisation, although this cannot be verified due to the organisation's anonymity. A lot of speculation over what exactly the name means has erupted throughout the years, with the majority believing that it's a play on the organisation's role: to moderate government decisions and decide whether or not they go to the next phase of execution. With this meaning in mind, it can be safely assumed that "Phase One" would refer to the conceiving of an idea, and not in fact be a sister organisation as was often thought in the 1980s.


All wars, conflicts, political decisions and laws are passed through Phase Two; with an estimated 500,000 employees, the organisation is able to handle this with ease. Should Phase Two decide to deny continuation of a particular course of action, it will be immediately dropped without any dispute. Phase Two has also been responsible for the initiation of wars, although its motives for doing so are unknown; Operation Desert Shield and Operation Iraqi Freedom are the two most recent notable examples.

Operating Location[edit]

Although Phase Two has no known central location, it does have a number of supposed operating bases spread throughout the world. One is believed to reside within a formerly abandoned underground World War II complex in England, originally intended for use by the Royal family; another is said to be found inside a mountain close to Washington DC.

Military Strength[edit]

Phase Two manages to retain its hold over the world due to its connections: although the organisation is not known to house its own private army, its ties with governments allow it to call upon a force large enough to massively intimidate any other in the world. Phase Two is also believed to have contacts with a large number of mercenaries in all regions under its power, allowing it to direct forces of some nature to most locations on the planet within thirty minutes.