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Origins Wolfsburg Germany
Year(s) active 1989 - present
Genre(s) Neue Deutch Harte
Labels Gun Records (sony BMG Entertainment)
Members Dero
Former members {{{former members}}}

Oomph! (an easy way to learn the pronounciation is to go up to your friend, punch them as hard as you can in the stomach, and listen.) is a German Neue Deutsche Härte band from Germany. They are known for their resemblance to Rammstein, and being German.

Band Members[edit]

Dero Goi[edit]

pictured here is Dero Goi, attempting to scream, after realizing that he had just lost his voice on stage in the middle of the show.

Dero is the lead singer, Lyricist, and drummer. from Germany. When Russians hear his name, they will make fun of it, because apparently it means "dishwasher detergent" Which in all honesty, is a very strange name to have in any language.

Born in 1970, Dero grew up with his band-mate, Crap in the working class lower Saxxony. They both began playing music in grade-school, and formed their own band at the age of 15. After the formation of Oomph! Dero offered to get 5 tattoos for every album sold as a way to market their cd's. But soon realized that this was not a very good idea, as, much to their dismay, they became popular. He has since accumulated hundreds of dollars in tattos and about 300 hours plus getting them done. His tattoo artist is now a richer man than Dero ever was.

Andreas Crap[edit]

Crap is the guitarist, keyboardist, computer software and hardware manager, and band member that English speaking fans like to chuckle at.

Born in 1970, Crap grew up with Dero in lower Saxxony. Though, unlike Dero, Crap had a tendency to suck at playing insturments. once, when he tried to master "Stairway To Heaven" Dero took his guitar away for 3 months because of the horridity of his technique. And continued to call him "Crappy" during this time. Hence the nickname Crap.

Very disheartened by this realization, Crap went to a crossroads and sold his soul to the devil to get his now very proffessional grunge/punk/metal sound.

When asked if he regrets this decision, he simply says, "They still call me Crappy..."

Robert Flux[edit]

Flux is the mixer, sampler, composer, producer and guitarist of the band. Originally from the fourth dimension of hell, he burned all of his hair off upon entry to the surface of Earth. Flux made a cover up, saying that he was born in 1967, in Salzgitter-Lebenstedt (this is German for "Stabilizing Llamas")

He met Crap and Dero at a local festival in Wolfsburg (a town in Germany, made up of Germans and wolves)

Dero and Crap were so surprised by his shiny head that they decided to see if it could reflect enough sunlight to set ants on fire.This also inspired Rammstein's many acts. After 2 hours of trying and failing, Dero and Crap became friends with Flux, and they decided to form a kick ass band together instead. (A band that quite literally kicks your ass when they play live)

Incidentally, Flux happens to be the demon that Crap sold his soul to many years ago. Upon this realization, Crap has since been plotting to steal it back from Flux somehow (most likely by chopping off Flux's head, as Crap read in demon folklore.) This is why Flux and Crap are positioned at opposite ends of the stage. So that no riots break out during the concert.

Live Support[edit]


Leo is the drummer who plays in live shows. He is a very mysterious man, nobody knows where he comes from. He just showed up at the recording studio one day with a portable drum set and a monkey.

"I ate the monkey because he made fun of my beard" says Leo in an early interview.


Hagen is Oomph's bassist who plays live. Hagen is the cousin of the Häagen-Dazs Ice cream family, though they disowned him when he started playing the "devils music" (although it turns out in the end that rock isn't the devils music after all, it is in fact country.) Oomph! spotted him playing on a pile of dead fish for money around 1998, and decided to include him in their live group as they had just lost their previous bassist, Toby. (Toby disappeared after Flux set fire to his cat)

Band History[edit]

The band Oomph! formed their group in 1989, though they did not release their first album until 1992. (the reason being that the trio were lost in the world of tron for 2 years) The music in their first album was EBM (Electronic bubonic maltosis) Oomph! does not conform to conventional musical restraints, when they create an EBM album, they will next create a heavy metal album, it will then change to gothic rock, Industrial, classical, epic space tunes, showtunes, racetunes, apetunes, and so on. . .nobody ever knows which direction they will take next. Not even the band members for that matter.

Oomph! toured across Germany for the first time after their first album, with a wide reception of indifference/confusion. After their release of "Wunschkind" They were able to travel to New York in the states to play, the onlookers were horrified. As one bystander would put it "It was a whole slue of chaos and naked ladies, and lots of beer. . .wait that was amazing! I take my complaint back. . ."

Even though Oomph existed before, created an album before, is older than, and is given credit by the other tanz-metal band Rammstein, many Rammstein fans claim it is the other way around. And somehow even though the two bands themselves are civil to each other, the Oomph! fans and Rammstein fans are at war with each other constantly. Once, a rabid Rammstein fan infiltrated an Oomph! concert and ran through the crowd punching people in the nose while screaming "OOMPH IST TOT!!!" (German for Oomph! is a tater tot. Rammstein fans claim that the band really didn't form until after Rammstein, and that they have stolen other men's identities, which is why they use only their nicknames.

Rammstein fans will find, however, that Oomph fans will not give in due to their propensity to hoard photos of the band members, from every age of their existence, so much so, that age progression videos have been made of not only Dero, but also Crap and Flux, so as to prove their points. Rammstein fans have repeatedly stated that while the look of each member changes, they don't actually seem to age at all..... in fact, many believe the look younger now than they did in 1992. Unfortunately, there is no good reply from the Oomph side, as no one has any explanation, because it seems to be true. Purists will say it is because of Flux's demon powers. Others have said that Dero is really a warlock in disguise, detailed by the song, Zauberstaub(Magic Wand)

The bands have stated repeatedly that they do not want to comment on these incidents.

In 2019, the band released their 13th studio album Ritual. The first album by the band to feature Boobies on the cover, it was also their first number 1 album. Coincidence?


Oomph is a terrible band because they use 'talent' and 'creativity' instead of what matters in music, appearance and a gimmick. Oomph's sound however, is widely ranged from opera, to death metal, to gothic-emo-punk-doom-pop ( or 'gemopoomop'). They are bashed by 'purist' musical fans who claim that they are too edgy and original to be considered a 'real' band.

Oomph's style is considered Neue Deutsche Härte, meaning "New Big German Hardness" Which a producer coined when he listened to their music for the first time. Oomph! do not like this label, and often disregard it in interviews as theirs. They like to say that they are different in every album while still being Oomph! A respectable claim in a musical world full of people afraid of change and experimentation.


The band so far have one platinum and one gold album, as well as a number of others made out of plastic.

Studio Albums[edit]

  • OOMPH! (they had no idea that this was not an original title to use, they were planning on using this for every album they create, but after someone pointed out that other bands actually make up a name, they decided against it) (1992)
  • Sperm makes the world go 'round (1994)
  • Defekate (1995)
  • Wunschkind (German for washing machine shenanigans) (1996)
  • Unrein (1998)
  • Plastik (Fortuitously, this just so happens to be one of the aforementioned albums to be made out of plastic) (1999)
  • Ego (Apparently this means Elephant in German) (2001)
  • Wahreit Oder Pflicht (this means absolutely nothing in German, its actually Finnish for gibberish) (2004)
  • Glaubeliebetod (Oomph! decided they were too lazy to create spaces in the name, so now it means Fleath in English) (2017)
  • Monster Pajamas (2008)
  • Des Wahnsinns Fette Beute (The Fat Booty of Madness (that's not even a joke, by the way)) (2012)
  • XXV (pronounced 'sxfau') (2015)
  • Ritual (As in, we're getting bored of the ritual of coming up with original album names, and judging by the bimbo on the front, original album covers as well) (2019)


  • 1991-1996: The Early Disasters (1998)
  • Best of Virgin Years (This album doesn't exist! IGNORE THIS ENTRY OR YOU WILL DIE) (never happened)
  • Delikatessen (Its about food and cannibalism) (2006)
  • Truth or Dare (This album is entirely in English, Oomph! are proud of this, all people who are English realized while listening that the album is actually in Egyptian)(2010)


  • Rohstoff (A tribute to Bob Marley and his Rastafarianism. The stage is a giant joint and all the fans could smoke it while listening to them play.) (2007)


Crap plots to chop Flux's head off as soon as they finish this photo shoot.
  • Oomph! originally wanted to call themselves Ramstein. But decided not to when they realized it was a distasteful rememberance of a horrible tragedy.
  • Each band member, with the notable exception of Crap, was inflicted with a spine condition due to a chemical gas that leaked into the stadium the band played at in Paris, 1992. This infliction paralyzed their neck, which is why the band cannot head bang, thus they replaced head banging with an original dance dubbed the 'Oomph! hop', which consists of hopping in place to the beat of the song, occasianaly spinning in unison as well. They have won awards for the "Best synchronized jumping in the world" And hang their trophy on the recording studio wall.
  • Oomph! note Metallica as one of their main influences for their music. In fact they love Metallica so much, that all three of the band members broke into Metallica's recording studio and stole some of their equipment for souvenirs. If you look closely on their "Rhostoff" DVD, you can see Flux playing James Hetfield's guitar.
  • OOMPH! is known for being inspired by Rammstein, when in fact it was the other way around. How Wude!

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