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Motherfuckers is a term originating from the Latin words Mo, meaning "moron", Ther meaning "who is" and fucker meaning fucking his mother. The Motherfuckers are a race that lived in central Europe. They were originated in Oedipus, the man responsible for creating the MILF acronym.

Motherfuckers are strange creatures, since most of them are their own stepfathers, and usually they are uncles (if not fathers) of their own brothers. Motherfuckers who are too much into motherfucking can become, with time, their own parents. This introduces a time-space paradox that forces them to remove their own eyeballs.

Motherfuckers are known to kill their fathers on sight, usually after minor traffic collisions. They can become very violent when they are confronted to their ethnic origins.

You can prove that someone descends from motherfuckers by naming their race in front of them. They usually turn aggressive and deploy primitive behaviours, allowing you to identify the fuckers. This can become a very instructive hobby.

Samuel L. Jackson perfected the art of using the word MOTHERFUCKER. There is also a movie based on it. However its about motherfuckin snakes on a mother fucking plane MOTHERFUCKER!!

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