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Mantuition is similar to intuition differing only in its manliness. Unlike "women's intuition," "mantuition" is a single word. Grammatically, it's much less possessive. Logically, it isn't. But at least it's right all the time! Mantuition is distinct from mammunition. However, a man's mantuition will often give the man the feeling that the manswer to the man's question is more mammunition ... and beer ... and power ... and man supremacy.

Uses of Mantuition[edit]

Mantuition can be used in a variety of ways to gain a very definite insight into events that would otherwise be confusing, potentially embarrassing or otherwise irksome, thus allowing the man using it to focus on the important business of getting things done, without having to worry about inconvienient factors like facts or consequences.

Examples of mantuition include:

  • "Of COURSE there's room for another beer, it's not like i'm driving very far"
  • "Instructions are for quitters. It obviously goes like this!"
  • "She wants it."
  • "Anyone can see she's over 18"
  • "The government just says that to try and keep us down!"

Possible Side-Effects of Mantuition[edit]

Although mantuition is reliable, hard headed and of course very manly, if used irresponsibly possible side effects may include but are not limited to:

And of course

Unfortunately, irresponsibly is the only possible way to use mantuition. Anyone who does it differently is just a big, flouncy, hippy-lovin' pansy.

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