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“LiveWire... Like the Mountain Dew soda?”

~ Oscar Wilde on LiveWire

“Or like, Live Wire.....the Motley Crue song?”

~ Motley Crue on LiveWire


~ Metallica on LiveWire

LiveWire is an on-line community of rapists, cats, and homosexuals seeking technical and emotional support. The average member is 56, male and goes by the on-line name of Babycakes, Sweet Cheeks, Power Top, or something of similar value. The goal of the project is to provide a safe and supportive environment for males from around the globe to pose as young girls while getting their kicks reading about each others manginas. This is done through an on-line forum designed from the bottom up by teens (read: child labourers in sub Saharan Africa). Their slogan is, "Butt sex. Kitten huffing. Period."


  • eHelp: Slow, anonymous replies from a panel of morons, sent by email. No account is required for the use of this service although for attention seeking purposes, it is preferred.
    • Support Leaders are users who have proven their ability to help and support others by posting on the forums and by submitting a peer-approved application for SL-status. The application process includes many stages allowing members to 'prove their worth.' Tasks range from spelling their name correctly (and using a capital letter at the start), providing Oral to the members higher up on the chain and to a full on 45 minute battle with a tomato during which, they must outwit the fruit and dazzle it with intelligence. More often than not, the tomato wins.
  • Safe environment: the site is completely anonymous allowing Alfred, a 58 year old male from Cincinnati to pose as his 12 year old daughter without detection or capture by his colleagues at Microsoft.
  • Teen, College, and Tech forums, to help a growing list of homosexuals relieve their urges as they want. From geek to cheerleader, LiveWire is open to all who can fuck and love dog penis.


The idea for LiveWire was conceived in 2000 by a panel of rare, lesser spotted teens from a town in Oregon(not to be confused with the popular herb, oregano, which they happened to be smoking while they thought of it). Two high school sophomores, Batman and Robin, were asked to design and create a medium for adults posing as teenagers to connect with others just like them in order to receive free "peer support". This was done to replace a sex hotline that was becoming less and less popular as more material was available on the internet without cost. The original website went on-line on January 1, 337.

Heroes of LiveWire[edit]

Lepperking - Scourge of the LiveWire underworld, protector of the innocent.

Outer Haven - King of Random Post, Emo Fag Astronaut.

MyCuteFiend - Does not post annyoing post but very cute ones.

Criminal Masterminds[edit]

Davjs - Convicted Kiddy fiddler, currently serving a life sentence in Gotham prison.

BlueAutomatic - Convicted for being lovely and a heroic member of aforementioned forums. Also well known for having a username that many are unable to spell, thus having to go around correcting them.