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“How tickled wilt thou be....”

~ Ken Dodd on Ken Do'dd

“His hands were fast as lightnin'”

~ Noel Coward on Ked Dodd

A Diddy Man, brandishing his feared "Tickle Stick". The teeth in this photograph have been digitally reduced, so as not to cause offense to Americans.

Ken Dodd, or more correctly Ken Do'dd, was devised primarily as a form of defense. The practice began in the hills surrounding Liverpool, where early practitioners were driven by the locals who found their buck-teeth revolting, and was perfected by Master Ken Do'dd, whose study of the Nunchuckles was legendary. He is noted for his ability to chew an apple through a letterbox.

He has sold more records than any other entertainer, with his 1997 hit "Spice Up Your Life" collecting 472 platinum discs world-wide.

Early History[edit]

Little is known of the early history of Ken Do'dd. Their true foundation is lost in the mists of time, what we do know is that the first known Grand Master to allow their existence to become public knowledge did so during the mid 20th Century. The world was in a period of transition and the Ken Do'dd state of Happiness which forms the basis of their beliefs appealed to many people.

In 1997, the Ultimate Fighter Challenge took the unprecedented step of banning Ken Do'dd from being practiced in the ring. This was because the American audience found the blatant display of teeth to be sacrilegious.

Diddy Men[edit]

Some practitioners of Ken Do'dd achieved the level of "Diddy Man" after years of devotion and prayer. With their distinctive ceremonial headwear and colourful ticklesticks they were famed for their demonstration routines which were seen in legendary dojos such as the London Palladium and the St Helens Theatre Royal.

Diddy Men are the feared assassins of the Martial Art known as "Ken Do'dd". Their lightening-fast movements in hand-to-hand combat using a ticklestick are often quicker than can be recorded on film. The foremost master was Dodd's first pupil Dickie Mint. Later he was joined and trained a number of Ken Do'dd masters Mick The Marmalizer, Nigel Ponsonby Smallpiece and Wee Hamish McDiddy.

Musical Achievements[edit]

Ken Dodd has also release several songs and has charted over 9000 number ones in the Albanian pop charts. Notable recordings include:

  • Oops I Dodd It Again
  • Doo Wah Doddy Doddy Dum Doddy Do
  • Dodd Call Me Baby
  • Safety Dodds (A huge dancefloor hit in the bars of Minsk during the 1980s)
  • Old MacDoddald Had A Farm
  • I've Dodd A Brand New Combine Harvester
  • Dodd Leave Me This Way
  • Dodd You Want Me Baby
  • Dodd Ya Think I'm Sexy?
  • What Have I Dodd To Deserve This?
  • Dodd They Know It's Christmas Time At All?
  • Dodd Only Knows
  • There By The Grace of Dodd

Many more of his hits are available but if you listen to them your testicles will explode, or, if you are a woman, you will be driven mad by the sheer awesomeness of his amazingness.

Death Tickle Stick[edit]

The primary weapon utilised by the Diddy Men and within Ken Do'dd itself is the feared Death Tickle Stick. In the hands of a Master a single touch is lethal. A deft touch can have an opponent writhing in agony on the floor. An adaptation to the weapon, where two Tickle Sticks are chained together, is the so called NunChuckles.

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