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“Can you, <insert name here> explain what It is?”

~ No-one on <insert name here>

It isn't even here. It is busy doing other stuff rather than suffering through this article. It's probably doing better stuff than reading this article. Perhaps It is doing his/her taxes, or maybe "It" is some random celebrity that no-one talks about anymore like... Justin Bieber! All I'm saying is... stop talking about It, dumbass!

“I'm sorry, what the fridging freak are even meaning by It? You can't just start a conversation without introducing who It is. Because of you, my head is spinning in all directions, dumbass!”

~ Oscar Wilde

Get Real![edit]

Get Real, Wilde. I thought you were the master of poetry. I even once called you "The Beatles of Poetry" and THIS is what you respond to me. You know exactly what I'm talking about, mate... so stop it... dumbass!

“Let me make this clear, you can't just not make sense when you're starting a conversation. Is this how you always starts your conversations? That's what I wanna know... back on track, if you're going to write an article for the People's Republic of Uncyclopedia, make flippin' sense! (STARTS SAYING ENGLISH WORDS HARD TO UNDERSTAND FROM AN AMERICAN POINT OF VIEW)”

~ Oscar Wilde

YOU don't make sense[edit]

Alright, Wilde. At this point you might as well read This Article because it perfectly describes you. You want people to make sense, write your own God Damn article!

Here's why[edit]

I think you need to understand this is Uncyclopedia and anything can be said without any questions. Please leave because you're wasting everyone's time, especially It's.

Infact, It is probably reading this and realising how stupid you are.