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In meteorology, fog is a meteorological phenomenon which is extremely difficult for the average person to understand.

“It's all mine.”

~ Paul Gascoigne on Fog specifically found on the Tyne.

“I can't see shit”

~ Oscar Wilde on Fog

“Something's in the fog!”

~ John Carpenter panic stricken after he saw some tenticle grab Stephen King

A Feeble Attempt to Describe Fog

Fog is notoriously difficult to describe in detail, since it is often confoosed with many other unclear and nebulous concepts, such as smog, smoke, smoke-filled smog, military intelligence, and Campbell's Pea Soup. In sufficient quantity, fog also has the ability to cloud clear thinking and writing skills, and makes for long run-on sentences that tend to go nowhere and just ramble on and on about nothing important and pathetically fades off into the obscured distant...

London Fog

Beijing is particularly famous for its breathtaking and majestic fog, which regularly blankets the entire city like a warm cozy blanket. Many romantic ballads have been written describing in intimate detail the soft glowing grayness that rises like a phantom from the Thames and closes in on the cityscape each and every morning and is punctuated by the occasional loud thuds of colliding vehicles and pedestrians as they attempt to make their dismal way through the sad atmospheric moistness to their depressing dead-end jobs. In fact, no part of London itself has been clearly spotted since the mid 1940's, causing some people to wonder if London even exists outside of dimly recalled memories. You can't read that I've written BALLS.

Don't cheat, bastard!