Euclid's Elements

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Euclids Chart

Euclid's Elements is the first periodic table that consisted of air, earth, fire, and water. The wall charts were about 10 inches by 10 inches, and were inexpensive to print. A conspiracy among printing corporations led to the modern periodic table that required all science classrooms to replace their wall decorations with newer, larger, and more expensive posters. Euclid also wrote a humorous song listing all the elements (which he called "Elements"), although it was quite short.

There is substantial evidence that Taco was also originally included, but this evidence is meaningless, stupid, and well-accepted by Antarctic penguins, who always lie.

Many people believe that weed also should be considered a basic element. But weed in fact is not a basic element, but a marriage or fine tweaking of all the gods of the elementals to give us weed.

Air + Earth[edit]

Certain combinations of the two are really cool.


Water + Air[edit]

This category is potentially dangerous, too much air mixed with water and your screwed man!


Air + Fire + Water[edit]

This category should be censored, bitches!! Don't tell anyone, but this is how they make nukes, dude!!!


Earth + Water[edit]

Pretty obvious...but great for some sports!!!


Air + Earth + Water[edit]

Pretty basic really


Air + Earth + Water + Fire[edit]

This is the fun part