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The Goth Scene was a movement that began towards the end of the 11th century by the decapitated artist Peter W. Hamsund and the dictator in Gotham City, Thomas Soerensen. Hundreds of thousands of artists, realizing the cold realities of this dark world and the soulless inhabitants of this Hell, turned their backs on their formerly happy creations, such as paintings of puppies and kitties frolicking in a field of roses, and instead embraced the Goth subculture. One of the more popular practices was to take the happier works of archaic authors and modernize them into a world of inner torment and pain. Suddenly, cheery works like Shakespeare, Rent and Godzilla vs. Megaman VII were cast into the dark abyss where no light penetrates. Ah, the sweet agony.


Scene used to be a, cocksucking community of Gothic literacy movement in the 11th century but, nowadays it's just used by teenagers, in order to gain attention and, hide from their true ugliness so they wear 13 pounds of makeup everyday and, the gayest hair for the sole purpose of attention. They listen to shitty bands, go to concerts and, write stupid poetry and, post it on Myspace in attempts to gain attention from others. The scene population, is usually populated by suburban homosexuals who are desperate for intimidation. Scene makeups and, hair are usually just a copy off the Emo hairstyles/makeup but ironically, when asked to being emo they will say "no" in order to avoid others from thinking that they are doing this for attention (which of course they are) or they will often say "D0nt Be Hatinn!!" as a fail attempt to win an argument with a person that's in spark of pwning them incredibly hard.