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“In all matters of opinion, our adversaries are insane.”

~ Oscar Wilde on the author of this article's insanity

Opinions are grand. Everybody is entitled to my opinion.

“In my opinion, opinions suck. Anyone who has any opinions, especially about onions, is, in my opinion, an opinionated onion opinionator who cannot have onions until they rid themselves of their opinions. Onions have no opinions, being unopinionated vegetables.”

~ The all knowing Guru Ame on Opinions and Vegetables

“I think my head just exploded.”

~ Random dude on The all knowing Guru Ame with the Opinions and Vegetables

“Opinions are like dicks, everyone who's important has one and those who don't just don't matter”

~ Oscar Wilde

This article is very well written[edit]

I mean, honestly, just look at this. In comparison with some of the other articles on here, I could easily go so far as to say that this is one of the best I have ever seen, and I've seen plenty of sick, sick articles in my life. Some of which to even speak the name of would make little children cry and that old man down the street to collect their tears and rub them all over his body while humming "Livin' la Vida Loca". I don't want that to happen, you don't want that to happen, the children don't want that to happen, the old man down the street probably wants that to happen but regardless, I'd still say this article rocks. Just look at it for a second. Actually, look at it from a distance because it's sort of like an ugly kid who from a distance looks really good but when you get up close you realize just how freakin' hideous he is. Except this article looks great from afar and anear, so I suppose that little metaphor was not really necessary.

I keep getting entirely off topic, and that is bad. I should just tell you how great this article is by looking at it word by word. "Opinions" is a great word. It looks a little like onions and anyone who's anyone important loves onions. I'm not really sure what the pi is doing in there though. Maybe it implies that the onion has been multiplied by 3.14, which I suspect would make it pi times better than a normal onion.

"Are grand" is just grand enough as it is so there is no need for I to explain it to thee.

Overall, I'd say that this article is one of the best on Uncyclopedia and should be made a Featured Article and be given a trophy and some sort of certificate saying "The Article is Good". And then some professor at some big shot school could sign his name and put a "Good Job!" sticker by it. That would be well deserved and grand.

I hate this article!!! Arggggghhhh!!![edit]

This article needs to be deleted and someone with actual comedic talent should write it! Seriously, who the hell thinks "Opinions are grand." is funny!? I'll tell you who! A complete retard! That's who! What's worse is that this article has already been allowed to exist for at least seven minutes and thirty three seconds! Do you have any idea how many minds this article has corrupted in that amount of time!? Probably somewhere between eighty-nine and one hundred-twenty-two! Half of which were undoubtably women or children whose feeble minds could not comprehend the sheer magnitude of this article's suckiness! Thanks a lot, author!

On the note of authors, I'd like to take this moment to say that the creator of this article is a Jesus-hating, homoerotic, Pinnocio-loving, panda-stuffing, ugly, Irish, not-so-Jewish, yellow-bellied, book-biting, leg-stabbing, butt-controlling, controversial, Satan-loving, ugly, monkey-sucking, penny-pinching, crappy, no good, rotten, ugly, French moron who likes to have his way with kittens! Yeah, I said it! What's more is that I have proof to back up all of these insults! And I have two loaded guns ready just in case the article creator wants a duel!

  • I have no opinion on the matter

I'll be waiting, article creator...

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