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If these are anti-Oreos, then what's an anti-anti Oreo? We may never know.

Anti-anti is the opposite of the opposite of something that, due to inconsistancies in language, somehow manages to be different than the original thing in question. For example, you'd think that anti-anti Oreos are the same thing as Oreos, but they aren't.

Likewise, an anti-anti Grue is only the same thing as a Grue if the phrase "anti-anti Grue" is a noun, as in A anti-grue. However, if the phrase "anti-anti Grue" is an adjective, it could describe a personal choice of disliking the Anti-Grue.

Unless it is Opposite Day[edit]

In which case anti-anti Oreos could be either the equivalent of Oreos, or the equivalent of anti-anti-anti Oreos, and the phrase "anti-anti Grue" may be either the equivalent of anti-Grue, or the state of liking the Anti-Grue.

Admittedly, it's all very confusing. Try not to let these technicalities get the better of you, unless of course today really is opposite day, in which case you should let these technicalities get the better of you.

Is Today Opposite Day?[edit]

If I said yes, I'd be lying.

Where do I Put the Hyphen?[edit]

Another problem associated with calling something anti-anti is that normally a hyphen is placed between "anti" and the word it connects, such as "anti-gorilla" However, if you wanted to say "anti anti-gorilla", or perhaps maybe "anti-anti gorilla" either way you are left with a lonely word without a hyphen.

Anti-Anti's of Note[edit]

Anti-anti matter[edit]

Originally discovered by Aristotle, anti-anti matter is all around us. Look in a general direction. Chances are you are looking at anti-anti matter. If you combine anti-anti matter with matter, they will just hang out all "mattery". However, combine Anti-anti matter with anti-matter, and you will create Anti-Antipasta, which shouldn't be confused with Anti-anti antipasta. Likewise, Anti-anti matter should not be confused with Anti-anti antimatter, or anti-anti Doesntmatter.

Anti-anti aircraft missile[edit]

Don't even think about firing that missile.

A missile that targets missiles that target incoming aircraft. This weapon is not without its limitations. In order for the Anti-anti aircraft missile to work properly, it must be built right next to it's target. It also must be fired a second before the anti-aircraft missile is fired. For these reasons, the use of this weapon is limited, as building it next to an enemy missile without being detected proves to be a challenge.

Anti-anti drugs[edit]

Any questions?

Anti-anti drugs are not the same thing as drugs. They are weapons used by drug dealers to kill parents, (the anti-drug) before the parents can anti-corrupt their children. These guns are causing numerous casualties in the war on drugs.

Drug dealers commonly campaign propaganda such as the famous "This is your anti-brain on anti-drugs" commercial. These advertisements can also be seen as a form of anti-anti drugs.

Anti-anti virus[edit]

Scans a computer for programs that scan the computer for viruses. If the anti-anti virus detects the anti-virus scanning the computer, it stops the anti-virus program and erases it, allowing the virus to do its job.

Anti AntiChrist[edit]

“The mere fact that the Anti-Anti Christ is the opposite of the opposite of Christ without actually being Christ makes me poo-poo in my pants”

~ Oscar Wilde on Anti-AntiChrist

“Then again, a lot of things make me poo-poo in my pants”

~ Oscar Wilde on poo-pooing in his pants

I know nothing about the Anti AntiChrist other than that he isn't Christ, and Gwar sang about him.

“Actually, it wasn't me they sang about. It was about them being against the idea of the Anti-Christ, thinking he doesn't exist. You'd think it would be easier to just sing about the nonexistence of Christ, but that's not good enough for Gwar. They had to be original and sing about the nonexistence of the opposite of Christ, as though that really made a difference.”

~ The Anti AntiChrist on Gwar

When further questioned, the Anti AntiChrist only had this to say...

“Leave me alone. I'm trying to watch Big Lebowski!”

~ The Anti AntiChrist on himself

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