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  • Wikipedia's founder is Jimbo Wales, whose surname is spelled the same way as Wales - which is a place that really sucks, so you may have been thinking of vacuum.
  • If you remove the letters P, I, K, and A from "Wikipedia", and then sneeze, you get "Pikachu". Try it!
  • Wikipedia may or may be run by the cabal. You did not hear that from me. You heard it from this guy.
  • If you remove the letters 'w', 'i', 'k', the other 'i', the 'd' and the last 'i', you are left with the word 'pea'. Peas are grown in England in small country gardens, which often also feature grass. Grass takes a long time to grow, unless you feed it with drugs. Therefore, you may have been thinking of speed.
  • The content of wikipedia is approximately this.