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Nuvola apps important.svg The information contained in this article is dangerous to the regime.
Do not try this at home, kids; go over to a friend's house.
An example of a particularly dangerous revolutionary.

An object, ideology, person, or political party that is Dangerous To The Regime is any of the aforementioned items that has potential to threaten the stability of a long-standing societal structure. A number of items fall into this very encompassing but rigidly defined category. This idea was first posed by the esteemed Philosopher King, Dr. Phillips, who is himself the King of the "People Who Are Dangerous to The Regime" club.

A Herd of Independent Thinkers[edit]

The Philosopher King first proposed this idea in 1997, when government oppression was at an all-time high due to just having entered the Pre-9/11 Era. Popular myth says that the Philosopher King was enjoying his favourite breakfast - Count Chocula cereal and a glass of whiskey - when the idea came to him after solving the maze on the back of the cereal box. He immediately sat down to author his 422-page thesis entitled "A Herd of Independent Thinkers - Why This Thesis is Dangerous to The Regime". He submitted this paper to several institutions, all of which were shut down within a month of receiving the publication.


"A Herd of Independent Thinkers" outlined the criteria for an object, ideology, person, or political party that could be thought of as being "dangerous to The Regime". Using Count Chocula as his case study, he suggested the following points as possible reasons for the government clamping down upon seemingly arbitrary things:

  • 1. The thing in question should be delicious.
  • 2. The thing in question should be covered with chocolatey goodness.
  • 3. The thing in question has some relationship to vampires.
  • 4. The thing in question is either extremely popular or extremely unpopular.

This theory, like the Cold Wa, has found a rather large following on the campus of Wheeling Jesuit University. Since then, the Philosopher King has honed his criteria based on the influences of the works of Cyrus the Great.

Incomplete List Of Things That Are Dangerous To The Regime[edit]

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