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Please browse to find an anniversary, then give it a damn good editing.
Editing Guidelines

“Most modern calendars mar the sweet simplicity of our lives by reminding us that each day that passes is the anniversary of some perfectly uninteresting event.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Uncyclopedia's Anniversaries Project

The Uncyclopedia Main Page will now update the Selected Anniversaries section automagically... but if there isn't already an entry then it'll show up blank! This is not a good thing! I personally will strive to keep the anniversaries in place but, sad to say, I'm not infallible so anyone who can help, please do!

Page Location[edit]

A given anniversary, say, the 29th of February, will be located at Uncyclopedia:Anniversaries/February_29. Just pop along there and edit it. And then, on the 29th of February, as if by magic, it'll appear on the front page. Navigate using the handy monthy links on this main page.


The basic format is:

[[Image:filename.jpg|right|100px|alt text]]
'''[[MONTH]] DAY:''' [[Some Kind Of Big Holiday]]

*[[1929]] - ice cream found its way to the indigenous people of Iowa
*[[YEAR]] - something else happened
*[[YEAR]] - something else happened
*[[YEAR]] - something else happened
*[[YEAR]] - something else happened

Please stick with this, it makes us look more like certain other Wikis that we're attempting to parody. Note that only the date is in bold - the festival, celebration, feast or whatever should be in normal text.

New entries should be inserted chronologically, so that the years are listed in proper order.


While it's fun to make shit up or just be plain anachronistic, it can get a little tiresome. Have a look at the Wikipedia list of anniversaries [1] for that particular day, and, er, subvert it. Make it funny.

Having an image isn't strictly essential but it does look pretty. Check out the Image List for a funny picture and tie it in to the anniversaries.

Or, if you've written a really neat article on Bison Grooming, you may want to tell the world that On This Day in 1975 the Bison Grooming championships were held in Toronto. Hell, it gets your article on the front page, albeit briefly. Likewise, include links to some of the old Uncyclopedia classics.

Uncyclopedia running jokes (Oscar Wilde, for instance) are OK. Unoriginal, overused internet memes (Russian Reversal, anything to do with Chuck Norris) are not and will probably be deleted.

Good ideas for anniversaries are ideas that can spawn a whole series of themed jokes, instead of just one joke.

Also, please be aware that you might not be the first to have an idea. Anniversary ideas that are repeatedly oversubmitted include:

  • National Page Blanking Day
  • "Nothing Happened Today" day
  • Talk Like Yoda Day
  • Procrastination Day/Do Things You Were Supposed To Do Yesterday Day
  • Panic/Hysteria/Fear Day

and suchlike. Whilst we don't expect you to check all 365 days, 5 minutes intelligent searching should tell you whether someone else has thought of your great idea already. Oh, and one more thing:

DO NOT ADD YOUR OWN BIRTHDAY. Nobody cares, and it'll get deleted as soon as it's spotted anyway. Our Vanity Policies apply as much to the anniversaries as they do anywhere on Uncyclopedia.

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