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WE'RE HAVING AN ORGY!!!!! (Orlando, Florida)

Date: 2010-05-13, 11:24PM PDT
Reply to: comm-mqyy5-1740098617@craigslist.org[Errors when replying to ad?]

Hot chick with a slight facial disfigurement,
Looking for some guys with moderate temperament to
Fuck my asshole.

Hope you don't mind if my husband watches.
He really gets hot when he's listening to his wife
Scream like an animal

We've got a big jar of petroleum jelly.
Don't worry if you got a little belly,
Cause I love the way it slaps me.

Bring a couple friends if you wanna get freaky.
Feel free to give a golden shower if your faucet is leaky.
I'm so into that shit.

We've got a generous supply of toys.

We're having an orgy.
Please, no flash photography.
I'm very well respected in my company.
We'll be serving food, and it's vegan only.

My good friend Marvin's gonna be at the shindig.
He's got a nine-inch cock and a rainbow-colored clown wig.
He loves to tell jokes.

If you want, we can start with pin the tail on the donkey.
As long as you bring some rope, and we can get raunchy.
Please, tie me to the wall.

Don't worry 'bout the neighbors; they're a couple of vouyers.
I don't get into that shit but my life is mine and yours is yours.
To each his own.

I'll do a nice big smile when you piss on my teeth,
And I might just cum to death if you talk like a baby.
Mentally retarded baby.

We've got the bouncy room till three.

We're having an orgy.
Come as you are or as you want to be.
Just don't bogart all the sushi.
Open bar for now. The password is "Moo Cow".

Give me that big fat cock now.
Give me that big fat cock now.
Give me that big fat cock.
Big fat cock.
Big fat cock.