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Santa's coming! Santa's coming! Santa's coming!
Santa's coming! Santa's coming! Santa's coming!

Christmas day is near, oh boy
It's a December cele-bration
And though the day can't come too soon
I am filled with hope
I'm sure he got my note.

Santa's sleigh leaving the Pole
Santa is flying, Christmas is almost here!
A crowd of children sat and prayed
They're filled with Christmas cheer
'cause they were really sure
That he would soon be here!

I saw a film today, oh boy
The North Pole elves had just packed the pres-ents
A crowd of children shouted "Hurray!"
Truly, I did too
and so did you!

Christ-mas is coming soon...

Couldn't sleep, in my bed,
Sugar plums dan-cing in my head
Stumbled, running to get egg nog,
And looking out, I noticed it had snowed

Put on my coat and grabbed my hat
Rolled some snow, in seconds flat
Rolled two more snowballs and stacked 'em up
and Grandma called and I went into a dream

Santa's here...ah-ah ah, etc...

Christmas day is here, oh boy
So many pres-ents stacked under the tree
And though some were lame and rather small
I had to unwrap them all
Now I know how many gifts San-ta bought at the mall!
Christ-mas should last all year!


Lyrics/vocals: Modusoperandi

Tune: Beatles