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Lyin' the floor with another cheap whore in the middle of the night;

Broken condom feel thanks to ruptured seals, so it's time to take flight.

I groped around in this silly gown, she groans about her itchy thong...

With that fake smile, say, "It's been a while since I last smoked a bong,"

I explain...


My bong is a Styrofoam cup, I made it myself while at Landmark Mall.

I filled it with some stuff in the bathroom stall, I started trippin' out in the hall;

My bong can be filled with hash, just one puff, you'll forget about that rash,

And as I inhaled, fore I coughed like mad, all I could think was...

"Damn, this feels so rad."

I was stumbling round in the food court after hitting up that shit,

It was so kick ass, had such a blast, needed a first aid kit.

Got to the bookstore, met the cheap whore, took her to my bed...

And then I think I told you what happened next and so I just said..




Tried every powder;

I smoked every single joint.

When I wasn't playing with my dong...

I'd just hit up my bong.


Yeah... This feels so raaaaaaadd, yeahh, rad raaaaaaddddd... Oh, it feels so..

Lyin' on the floor with another cheap whore in the middle of the night;

I grabbed some weed, that I knew we'd need, and I lit up my bong...


Lyrics & Vocals: The Roachy Jay

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