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File:I Hate Gays

What the fuck is this?!?[edit]

This is only a test for now so keep your panties on. This is a song by Prof. Stephen Hawking (aka MC Hawking) and is his rant about how he hates gays. (BTW this is all 100% original, I haven't ripped off the actual MC Hawking here!)

But for now I am only testing the Untunes system out so I have only uploaded the second verse. I tried to upload a much bigger file and the gay system wouldn't let me, so I am experimenting to see how many MB Untunes will let me get away with.

If you think this is a big pile of crap, I'm afraid you will just have to deal with it.


MC Hawking, Cp833 20:59, 10 January 2008 (UTC)

Parody lyrics, & vocals: Your sig here (without date - 3 tildes: Cp833)

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