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One day I decided to go for a walk,

Met a fit girl and started to talk.

She gave me her number and asked me to call,

And all I could do was nod and drool.

Later that day I rang the number,

But woke her up as she was taking a slumber.

She said to come round in a sexy voice,

And go round I did, I had no choice.

I arrived at her house at half past eight,

Looked up the path and past the gate.

And there she was standing at the door,

Longing for company and maybe more...

I aproached and smiled, thats all I could do,

But there's something shes hiding, and that I knew.

She grabbed me and with passion we kissed,

I thought: "All my life, that's what I've missed!"

She let me go and we both held our gaze,

Love and lust is a emotional maze.

But I senced a change, something was wrong,

All this time, had I been led along?

She held my hand, turned me round,

Pointed down and we looked at the ground.

"You're the gardener, and you've work to do,"

"All those weeds, that jobs' for you!

a true story indeed...