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“She is a model-- and by that, I don't mean she is bulimic.”

~ Karl Marx on She

“I ain't sayin she a gold digger, but she ain't messing with no broke niggas.”

~ Kanye West on She

“Thats What I Said.”

~ She on What She Said

“She sees a mirror of herself and admits she wants to sell to anyone willing to buy”

~ Green Day on She

“That's huge!”

~ that's what she said

She having a smoke and a chuckle while someone tickles her feet.

She (pronounced "shay") is the metonymic representation of Che Guevara in text. The C was loaned out to spell Communism, and is also used to disambiguate Republik from Republic. Little is known abut She because metonyms stand in for their respective referents, and little is known about Che except for the fact that her visage appears on many Capitalist products like T-Shirts and Posters.

Why She Makes A Good Communist[edit]

First of all, She was willing to sacrifice her masculine identity and adopt the third-person feminine nominative pronoun as a name instead, and didn't even mind when the pronoun leaked into all other descriptions, meaning the female pronoun was used in all instances, making She an 'official girl'. She also takes up very little space on the page, leaving more for demanding words like archipelago and coincidentally. Coincidentally, archipelagos are where She grew up and learned the art of sustenance. Because She lives on Earth, a revolving planet, she has been called a revolutionary. She was once a good friend of Astro Fiddle, who was part of the Parliament Funkadelic, but She's friendship with a member of a Constitutional Monarchy in no way compromises her Communist identity. Friendship, therefore, can be seen as something fleeting and non-substantial, therefore disproving the BFF theorem once and for all.

How She Got Away[edit]

As you may know, Got is German for God. If you pronounce the headline right, there is in fact a rhyme. Rhyme is very important to Communists, because it shows how disparate parts can work together to make a unified whole. This is why Capitalist Pigs read a lot of Prose and appoint jackasses to be Poet Laureates (simply to mock poetry as a valid form of expression).


"It's not the size of the beret, it's how chic it makes me look."
"Stars mean communism. The freedom of Stars (symbolically) came about because some idiot didn't understand electro-magnetism."
"Viva le Discotec"
"If a lion made the statue, it would look like me, 'cause I have a sweet mane."
"I is pronounced E, and E is pronounced A. Ch is pronounced K. My name is K."
"Shay is under 18."