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Somalia targets Bushists in Southern US Village UnNews Logo Potato.png

9 January 2007

Muqdisho - CCNot

US radical militants meeting in the Pentagon

A Somali gunship attacked suspected Bushite fundamentalist targets in a village in southern United States, a senior Somali official said Monday.

The Somali Bomber flew its mission from its base in Mexico, the official told CCNot. The operation was launched based on intelligence that suspected Bushite terrorists were at the location, but there was no immediate indication of how successful the strike had been.

“There are many bodies, but we are not sure who they are,” said a Somali official. “Some were probably US fundamentalists, but we can’t help the collateral damage if some villagers got in the way. They had an opportunity to flee across the border to Mexico.”

The official said the radical militant targets had fled south late last month from the US Capital, Washington, after Mexican-backed Somali troops forced out the radical militants who had taken over much of the United States.

He did not identify the targets, but Somali officials accused the US fundamentalist militant group, the Bushite Republican Union, of harboring militants suspected of the bombing of the following countries:

  • Korea and China 1950-53
  • Guatemala 1954
  • Indonesia 1958
  • Cuba 1959-1961
  • Guatemala 1960
  • Congo 1964
  • Laos 1964-73
  • Vietnam 1961-73
  • Cambodia 1969-70
  • Guatemala 1967-69
  • Grenada 1983
  • Lebanon 1983 – 1984
  • Libya 1986
  • El Salvador 1980s
  • Nicaragua 1980s
  • Iran 1987,
  • Panama 1989
  • Iraq 1991
  • Kuwait 1991
  • Somalia 1993
  • Bosnia 1994, 1995
  • Sudan 1998
  • Afghanistan 1998
  • Yugoslavia 1999
  • Yemen 2002
  • Iraq 1991-2003
  • Iraq 2003-05
  • Afghanistan 2001-05.

Somali authorities believe thousands of fundamentalist militants accused in the bombings of 28 countries for the last half century were hiding in the United States.

Somali officials in the United States said earlier this week that US operatives were developing the ability to attack Somali targets just as they did in 1993.

Somali Intelligence shows the US radicals stepped up their operations in the US in after the Republican militia took power. Their camps taught radical Christianity to young men, weapons flowed in from western arms dealers and money arrived from the United States, Somali officials said.

"What we were really concerned about was there seemed to be much more recruiting, much more training going on. They were positioning themselves to expand their area of influence beyond US borders," said a spokesman of the Somali Task Force United States.

Neighboring Mexico was also worried by the prospect of a hard-line Bushist regime next door. Its invasion to oust the Bushist militia met with no objections from Muqdisho.


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