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Osama bin Laden endorses Obama for President UnNews Logo Potato.png

1 June 2008

Osama bin Laden has appeared in an interview on Al-Jazzera TV, endorsing Barrack Obama as the US Presidential Candidate for the Democrats. In the interview he claims that Obama is the best candidate for "advancing the aims of fanatical Muslims, anti-Americans and arms dealers everywhere. When asked why this is so, Osama replied "Well, my name's almost the same, and that'll annoy the crap out Dubya".

The interview appeared on Al-Jazzera's website this morning. It is not know where the interview was made, but background shots of the Eiffel Tower gave a clue. Mr. b. Laden also said in the interview that the most Hillary Clinton was fit for was being his 3rd favourite wife. He also extended an invitation to her to meet at a secret Taliban hideout.

The reaction from Barrack Obama was cautiously optimistic. "If Osama wants to get behind me, I welcome his support." He said he hope that it would increase his standing among terrorists and small town barbers. He has also extended an invitation for a state visit if he wins the election.

The only reaction from the Clinton camp was from Bill, saying only that OBL was welcome to his wife, and good luck to him.

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