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Nelson Mandela killed by giant "Nelson Mandela" robot UnNews Logo Potato.png

29 August 2007

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Mandela, seconds before he was crushed by the robot

FORMER TERRORIST Nelson Mandela was today killed by a rampaging "Nelson Mandela" robot in what is thought to be a poorly plotted Dr Who episode. A 9ft bronze robot of the former South African president was unveiled opposite the Houses of Parliament by a generic mad scientist hell bent on world domination.

Mr Mandela, 89, and his wife Graca Machel attended the unveiling ceremony in Parliament Square unaware that what was supposed to be a simple statue was a super-advanced space-robot with laser eyes, rocket boots and everything!

Perversely, Mandela is not the first to be crushed at the hands of a giant robot; Abraham Lincoln and Sir Winston Churchill, were coincidently also killed by their own robot effigies in Parliament Square.

"It seems there is some sort of problem in the statue factory that is yet to be solved. These mad scientists seem to be getting through our strict vetting process.", said a random MP this afternoon shortly before being picked up and ripped apart by the "Nelson Mandela" robot.