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Mobile Phones to be considered as weapons UnNews Logo Potato.png

21 December 2007

Seriously, you could kill someone with these bricks!

WASHINGTON D.C, America - It has recently been confirmed today by the President of the United States that Mobile phones could be considered to be dangerous objects. This confirmation was made in passing today by George Bush as he attended a press conference concerning the increase in crime in the past year.

When queried about what could be the cause of the rise in crime, Mr. Bush said:

I believe the rise in crime may be due to many things. Alcohol, drugs, mobile phones. In fact, the mobile phone is probably the main factor.

Bush's accusation of the mobile phone is not unique. Many local residents and policemen of America agree that the mobile is often a cruel and cunning weapon against the law. One such policeman reported:

I once saw a shop getting held up with a mobile. The criminal was using it as a knife to threaten the cashier. Must have been one of them Motorola Razor models.

The comment made by Bush today, coupled with the complaints of the people of America, may cause a ban on mobile phones to be expected in the near future.

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