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Monsoon like Mess Makes Meteorologists Move[edit]

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17 December 2007

Meteorologists are switching seats around on local TV networks CTV,CBC,and Global in the Halifax Region. On Sept 5, CTV news announced meteorologist Peter Coade's retirement. This started a whirlwind in the local industry as Peter Coade has actually moved to the CBC news. Peter Coade's was replaced by colleague Cindy Day from Global Maritimes. Global then replaced Cindy with Richard Zurawski, a former CTV meteorologist whose last known whereabouts included a small job reporting weather at a local radio station in Moncton, NB.

Unsubstantiated rumors by this reporter, indicate CTV news had been wooing Cindy Day for months. CTV executives were wanting to bring in fresh, well endowed new blood in a pathetic attempt to increase ratings. At the same time CTV continued suggesting to the aging Peter Code he should consider his retirement. It can only be imagined Coade took this news quite respectively (in front of CTV officials) whilst secretly was looking for another job on a different network.

Surely it can be no coincidence that the two week period after Coade's departure and prior to Cindy Day's appearance on CTV was to give Ms Day an appropriate time to give notice to the Global news network. No evidence whatever suggests that Cindy Day's slight pay increase from CTV pales in comparison to what CTV was formerly paying Coade.

Global News, now left without their star meteorologist began looking for Cindy's replacement. Zurawski who heard the news through former contacts, anxiously applied for the job. An unconfirmed informant is spreading news of Zurawski's downfall from television is due to an unspecified chemical dependency yet unrevealed to this reporter.

I arranged a meeting earlier this week with the three meteorologists where I told them of this story. No comments were made, this may confirm some of this story to be true, or maybe because I failed to invite anyone to the meeting.

What has become of the former CBC meteorologist who Peter Coade has replaced? We may never know. Meanwhile, police are trying to determine the identity of a man found dead in the snow in Moncton, however, this may be unrelated to this story.

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