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Evansville to install wireless sewer system UnNews Logo Potato.png

14 April 2006

EVANSVILLE, Ind. - The Water and Sewer Utility, which has about 500,000 customers, has approved spending up to $80,000,000 this year to install the new wireless system. The system was showcased at the International Home-Improvement Show in Atlantic City last year as a concept design to improve city spending budgets.

Harry Hand, Utilities General Manager, said while the startup cost may be large the overall efficiency of the system saves the city money in operations costs in the long run.

The system is based on the Microsoft Outlook express e-mail system. Since so much shit flows freely through e-mail systems, we expect the system should be just as reliable says Harry Hand.

The EPA and FCC are currently undergoing talks to decide who will regulate this new technology. Each side has concerns that will effect how the new technology may be marketed throughout the US.

FCC also has concerns that historically, Howard Sterns was source of the majority of shit over the airways. With this new advancement in sewer transport, the FCC is concerned that the EPA might "butt-in" and try to take a piece of the action.


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