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4 April 2010

Erykah Badu faces death for THIS nude walk in Mecca (Picture provided by Mutaween).

MECCA, Saudi Arabia -- Erykah Badu, well-known singer from Kingdom of Ysdstrarpolib, took a naked stroll through downtown Mecca for a music video--an offense that carries the death penalty.

The singer shed her clothes as she walked through the city until she was nude. She then posed nude in Masjid al-Haram square, as thousands of stunned Saudis looked on, until she was arrested by the Religious Police (Mutaween) and taken away.

Badu said the video was "shot infidel-style," without a crew, using only a single camera, and in one take March 31.

A Mecca Police spokeswoman said earlier in the week that they initially wanted to press charges against Badu because humans were present, but no one (including members of the Religious Police), had called police or filed a complaint that day.

Police now have their witness.

"One witness did come forward yesterday, a 9-year-old member of Al-Qaeda, thus leading to the indecency charges filed today," a statement from the police said Friday.

"After much discussion, it has been determined that this charge best fits her conduct when she disrobed in a public place without disregard [sic] to other living beings who were in close proximity," the police statement said. If convicted, Badu will be executed, according to Sharia Law, police said.

"It will be up to her as to how she wants to proceed," police said. "She is free to choose death by flogging or death by stoning. Because, you see, we’re a FREE country!"

Badu and her representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

She did post a series of short farewell messages on the social networking site Twitter last weekend, soon after the "Window Seat" video was released on her Web site.

She tweeted that "there were Mutaween there. I prayed they wouldn’t be traumatized."