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Statues like this one found in New York City and the Vatican advertise the show

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ETWN Cancels the Adventures of Jesus, Fans outraged UnNews Logo Potato.png

21 May 2008

The ETWN network, a vatican owned television network featuring catholic programming, announced today in a press conference that they would be canceling their Emmy Award Winning show The Adventures of Jesus. The show circled around the life of Jesus Christ and his adventures of healing the sick and raising the dead. While some claim the show is a work of fiction, ETWN and others claim it to be based on fact. Regardless of the show’s credibility many viewers of ETWN hold it in high regard calling it the “best thing to come out of Television.” The Adventures of Jesus was in it’s third season upon it’s cancelation and won three Emmys. The show ended after last nights episode when viewers were shocked when Jesus (the show’s main character) died. People Online called it “One of the most shocking episodes of any TV Drama.” While it remains unclear why Network heads decided to kill the show it does remain clear that the show would not be the same without Jesus as the main character. However, disappointed fans may rejoice when they hear the creators of the series are working on a new show called “Revelations”. The show will focus on the Chapter in the bible of the same name. There is speculation that Tom Petty who played the character of Jesus will reprise his role in the new drama. We could not reach him for comment but his agent said that it was a likely possibility.

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