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Daring Identity Thief Launches Credit Repair Startup UnNews Logo Potato.png

5 March 2018

Computar, Indioasia

A self proclaimed professional identity thief has established a new credit improvement startup business designed to repair the credit worthiness of ten of millions of debt ridden people throughout the world.

I. Fleesum, a pseudonym used by the iconic thief turned benefactor , used to disguise his true identity, has by his own accounts from hacking into tens of thousands of private computers, financial institutions and private credit reporting agencies computer networks, determined there is more money to be made in helping folks repair their credit, than can be garnished cherry picking from the remaining un-hacked thousands left in society from years of pillage, then charge a nominal fee for the improved credit worthiness of his recipients.

"It's a win, win for all involved, especially for my firm 'Credit Malevenlence'," slavered Mony Rakkur, using another of his aliases, "My customers get a full reprieve from their creditors and I gain untapped millions of dollars of fresh credit to draw from and tap into, while building my own modern version of revolving credit."

I Fleesum, AKA Mony Rakkur, is presently and diligently pursued by American CIA and British MI-5 as well as numerous other clandestine governmental agencies to bring this financial entrepreneur to justice.

"He can hide, but he can't run," stated an undisclosed source from the upper management section of delinquent accounts at the Internal Revenue Service. "He is only one mouse click away."

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