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17 October 2008

Our journalists photographed these people.

Las Vegas, Nevada -- A crime was committed in the city of Las Vegas today, Las Vegas police say.

Officers say one or more victims were taking part in an unspecified activity when one or more suspects allegedly perpetrated a crime against them.

Las Vegas Police Detective Glenn Brook said this morning that police were interviewing "persons of interest" in the case but those people had not been taken into custody. Brook also said police had expanded their search outside of Nevada to neighboring states.

Brook said the motive for the crime was still unclear, as was the connection between the suspect(s) and victims.

"The victims may have been targeted for specific reasons, but those reasons are still to be determined," he said. "The preliminary indications are that it was connected either to someone who knew the victims or someone who did not."

Police and other law enforcement officials continue to work around the clock to solve this crime.

"The longer we go the more dangerous the situation becomes," Metro Captain, Vincent Cannito, says.

Cannito wouldn't say Friday who police are looking for, or whether investigators think the person or people in question are in southern Nevada or somewhere else.

The victims and their families could not immediately be reached for comment. Mike Dober, a man with no connection to the case, said, "We don't know a whole lot about it."

The names of the suspect(s) and victims were not available.

Anyone with information is asked to call Las Vegas police at 702-828-5678.

Stay with Action News as we continue to follow this developing story.