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Democracy Dies with Dignity UnNews Tuesday, July 23, 2024, 22:00:59 (UTC)

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29 October 2008

Canadian PM, between Beers.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada The Canadian parilment broke up this afternoon, once they had finally run out of maple syrup, beer and cigarettes. Than Prime minister Stephen Harper called the 40th canadian federal election...



Oh Jesus! This is news, this is REAL NEWS! Real damn news! Canadian? Election? I didn't even think Canadians could Pronounce the word Election, let alone understand it's meaning! I- I thought they just saw who could chug more cheap beer and eat the most Ruffles!! WHAT?! Oh God! This is- What?!

Oh! Ooh...

Wow. This is real news. Is it a real election? Am I sure it's not a dog-sled race? or a chili eating contest? What the hell is going on? Are Canadians even able to vote? I mean, Like in an igloo? Wouldn't everything get wet? What? do they use ballots or like, rocks, and fish?


No this can't be true.

It just can't be. original