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24 July 2007

Sofia, Bulgaria - Doctor Karl Mengele and his 5 assistant nurses arrived in Sofia earlier today accompanied by French acting president Cecilia Sarkozy and a group of diplomatic envoys. The Bulgarian president immediatelly pardonned the 6 convicted war criminal upon their arrival.

Cecilia Sarkozy in an undated photo

"I am so happy I will be able to resume my medical experiments" said an obviously very emotional Dr Mengele who is best known for his various experiments on the effect of hydrochloric acid injections in young children.

Yesterday, the french diplomatic envoys arrived in Tripoli to meet with lifetime president Ghadafi in a plane loaded with a full complement of nuclear missiles, a box of ham and cheese sandwiches and 5 bottles of Jack Daniel's. After an all night discussion held behind closed doors, Sarkozy and her team came out apparently exhausted but fulfilled. a deal had been struck leading to the release of the doctor and his nurses.

Nurse Lila Brugeric during her original sentencing

The group never denied having performed the injection experiments in Lybia but always defended themselves by stating that they were doing this for the greater good. They treated an estimated 400 patients with their revolutionary technique but so far, only 3 are known to have survived.

A panel of now wealthy judges had previously commuted their death sentence earlier this month leading to a breakthrough in the European led talks to have the group freed.

The original death sentence was met with outcry from numerous health organizations claiming that this could lead to a complete halt in all medical experiment programs. Notoriously, Medecin sans Frontiere (Doctors without Borders) had claimed that it would become impossible to perform drug experiments on children of third world countries and demanded that the doctor and his nursed be freed immediately. This also led to a sharp drop in Pfizer's (PFE) stock price. Today's release provided a boost to future quotes on Pfizer (PFE:+56.32%)