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7 June 2006

SAO PAULO -- An underdog Brazilian team, riding a last quarter rally led by newly-recruited superstar, Ferdo Perez, blindsided the French team with a 12 to 7 victory and captured their third play-off win in this year's World Championship.

"Just goes to show you what coordinated effort can accomplish," noted team captain, Herman Frendanch. "And it's true what they say about this game, that it's not over until the clock runs out."

The French came out strong in the first quarter, demonstrating the hard-hitting strategy that has kept them at the top of the rankings for the last three years. The strong French defense was a problem for the Brazilians at first, but they never lost focus and began chipping steadily away at the early French lead in the second half.

Capitalizing on a few small strategic missteps by the French offense, Perez and the Brazilian team, cheered on by a crowd of nearly 50,000, showed what all the extra hours of practice were for when they pushed the final score to their favor in the last 2 minutes.

The win puts the Brazilians into the Thursday quarter-finals against the Australian team, which has shown surprising strength this year, with its more seasoned players fully utilizing their years of experience as well as skill.